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8 Success Factors of a Great Real Estate Agent – #6 They Have a Proven Marketing Plan

We hope you’re enjoying our series on the 8 Success Factors of a Great Real Estate Agent. In the last post, we discussed how great real estate agents have references and are committed to service excellence. In this post we’ll talk about Success Factor #6 – They Have a Proven Marketing Plan.

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Many real estate agents don’t like to think of themselves as “salespeople.” But the truth is that real estate agents are salespeople. They are, after all, selling products, i.e., properties. And, obviously, you want your real estate agent to be able to sell your property—at a desirable price.  In addition to sales, agents are also marketers, since they’re responsible for bringing qualified buyers to the table.

That’s why it’s important to make sure that the real estate agent you choose has a proven marketing plan. Otherwise, they may have a difficult time selling your property.

The first thing to consider is how the real estate agent markets their own business. How did they make you aware of their practice and create interest in their service offering? How did they get you to take the next step in the relationship?

Assess their competence in marketing by determining the following:

  • Are they visible on the web?
  • Are they visible on social media?
  • Do they advertise?
  • What does their website look like? Do you find its messaging persuasive?
  • Do they know how to promote themselves?
  • Are they convincing?

If you’d like to know something, simply ask. Ask them about their business and how they go about marketing it. A strong agent will be more than happy to explain how they approach marketing strategies.

How effectively they market themselves and their business can be indicative of how effectively they will market your property.

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Also, ask the agent about their most recent experiences selling properties. What kind of marketing plan did they use? Do they have a plan in mind for selling your property?

A few questions to ask could be…

  • What kind of research do you conduct?
  • What is your philosophy on pricing and negotiation?
  • What kind of assistance does your brokerage offer?
  • What kind of marketing collateral will be prepared?
  • How will you make my property visible to potential buyers?

Ask whether you’ll be able to see a written marketing plan. Ask for case studies from sellers with whom the agent has previously worked. Or at least for past experiences the agent has had, problems that may have arisen and how they resolved them.

Good marketing is systematic. The real estate agent should have a system for attracting motivated buyers. And this system should have demonstrable success to ensure your results are predictable rather than up in the air.

Check back for the next post in our series: #7 – They have unique values that set them apart.

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