Interior tips for home selling

Simple, quick and inexpensive Interior tips to prepare your home for sale

Properly staging your home is a critical step in effectively marketing your property. Doing it correctly can even make you money. Sellers who take the time to stage their homes sell faster and at higher prices. By perfectly staging your home, you will excite buyers and encourage them to stay to look around longer. The longer they’re in your house the greater chance for getting it sold. A good real estate agent will help sellers highlight their homes strengths, while improving on its weaknesses. This will draw in more buyers, increasing the value of your home.

simple, quick and inexpensive Interior things you can do to prepare your home for sale
simple, quick and inexpensive Interior things you can do to prepare your home for sale

The trick is to create an environment that is homey, yet universally appealing to your potential buyers. Consider painting the walls in warm, neutral tones. Arrange furniture in a way that promotes seated conversation. Leave out just enough for the buyers to get a real feel of each space, its purpose and how it can be used when the buyer moves in.

Get rid of all the useless clutter in your house. This is the single most important thing to do. Take an objective look at your furniture and see if there are items you can live without or put in storage. One of the biggest contributors to a cluttered home is too much furniture. You want each room to look as large and spacious as possible, getting rid of unnecessary furnishings will help you accomplish this.

The next step it to incorporate the 3-D’s: DE-clutter, DE-personalize and DE-odorize. Covering the 3-D’s is important and will help your home:

  • Appear open, spacious and inviting
  • Look welcoming, yet neutral, so that anybody can picture themselves living there
  • Be free of the unusual odors that come with pets, smoking and other sources

Understand that while a buyer is viewing your home, they are visualizing what it would be like for them to live there. Give them room to use their imagination a little bit. The longer they stay in your home and visualize a future inside of it, the more likely they will be to actually buy it.

If you are unsure that your home is properly staged, contact an agent certified by AdvantageU – Home Sellers Resource. They can give you a walkthrough of your home and come up with a list of specific steps you can take to make sure your house stands out and appeals to buyers.

For now, please feel free to download a copy of the Ultimate Home Sellers Checklist. visit


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