4 Signs You May Need to Fire

4 Signs That You May Need to Fire Your Real Estate Agent

Have you heard anyone say 10% of the agents do 90% of the transactions?

Those statistics may vary slightly across different markets, but they’re spot on in most areas.

Ideally, you want to be dealing with an agent who is in that top 10% benchmark. It can be hard to tell if you are working with the right agent and can be even harder to fire them if they aren’t performing.

If you listed your house and haven’t received any offers or even worse have had no showings, you may grow concerned and start to wonder “Oh no, did I hire the wrong realtor?”

First things first, don’t panic!

Even Babe Ruth went 0 for 5 with strikeouts every now and then –  meaning even the best agents have bad days.  So, while the knee jerk reaction may be to part ways, or conversely, be patient and wait it out, here are 5 signs to watch for to see if you are at a point where you may need to bench your pitcher.

4 Signs That You May Need to Fire Your Real Estate Agent

1. Your agent doesn’t keep in touch.

This is not a marriage. You don’t need to know what your agent is doing always; however, if they aren’t keeping in touch and staying on top of communications, this could be a sign of a genuine problem. First, give them a warning and reset expectations. If after that, it still isn’t improving, it may be time to have the talk.

2. They don’t listen to you.

You should feel that your agent is on your side, and is looking out for you. If your agent ignores you or is indifferent to what you want and need, they may not be the right person to sell your house. It’s best to have an agent with whom you are on the same page as, regarding your motivations and overall goals.

3. Your agent is unprofessional/makes you uncomfortable.

Showing up late, canceling appointments, being argumentative and rude, disorganized, unprofessional or disheveled in appearance – the list goes on – is unacceptable to someone who wants to earn commission off selling your property. Your agent is there to give you confidence and make you feel at ease. If this isn’t happening, it’s time to show them the door.

4. Your agent doesn’t do their research.

There is more to selling a house than just finding a buyer, or negotiating a price.  If your agent neglects to do a Comparative Market Analysis, tour your property, pull comps in the area; or suggests a price without doing those vital things, then that is a tell-tale sign that they are not worthy of selling your house.

Selling your house is a major milestone and investment, don’t trust it to just anyone.  Read the fine print of your listing agreement before signing.  Ask for an easy exit listing clause.  An agent who offers an easy exit listing agreement is so confident in his or her abilities that if you are not 100% satisfied with their services, you can part ways at any time.

Breaking up with an agent sometimes must happen. Knowing that only 10% of agents are doing 90% of the transactions means that finding the right agent may be tricky.  Interview at least 3 agents before deciding and talk to each of those 3 several times before going to contract.

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