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How to Create an Aggressive Marketing Strategy to Sell Your Home Fast

Trying to sell your home quickly can be challenging, what with the real estate market being so incredibly competitive. Not only do you have to show possible buyers why they should love your home, but you also have to prove why yours is a better fit for them than your neighbor’s house, the house for sale down the street, the one 3 blocks down, and every other home in the market. An aggressive marketing strategy is key to getting your home sold quickly. What does it take to create this strategy?

1. Persistence to Sell Your Home

Get your house in front of as many eyes as possible. As more people see your home, the more interest it will generate. Think about it: the TV commercials you see once or twice aren’t usually the ones that grab your attention. Have you ever heard a certain jingle from a fast food restaurant maybe a hundred times in a day, and it gets caught in your head? Maybe you found yourself in their drive-thru window not long after? House selling can work the same way. Keep your house listed, and keep it active! If you build up the interest, viewers will come!

2. Utilize All Tools

Make sure the details about your home are readily available to interested buyers all the time. Take advantage of the many advertising tools available to you today. Make sure you’re using:

  • Online Classified Ads (i.e. MLS, Craigslist, etc.)
  • FOR SALE Yard Sign
  • Professional-Looking Photos and Video Tour
  • Social Channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Home Staging & Scheduled Open House

Successful agents are well versed in using these techniques to bring a lot of traffic to their listings.

3. Expand Your Horizons (And Borders)

Some real estate agents do very extensive marketing, stretching beyond the state or even the company. International marketing can lead to an even broader array of interested buyers. Foreign buyers rely on the information you have online to help them decide if they’re going to buy your home, so make sure the information you provide is exhaustive. Do you have detailed photos that cover everything? Is your real estate agent experienced with handling international buyers? Some homeowners want to sell to foreign buyers because statistics indicate that foreign buyers offer better prices for homes. According to the National Association of Realtors, foreign buyers paid an average of 315K per home in 2011, as opposed to the 218K average of US buyers. But all buyers are looking for a fair price, and no one is willing to pay more than a home is worth. Your realtor will be able to explain the best option for your specific situation.

If you’d like your complete, customized to-do list for everything you need for the home buying/selling process, download our free checklist!


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