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Homes that sell fast also sell for the most money!

It’s no secret that the very same reasons a home sells fast are the same reasons that it will sell for the most money. First and foremost, a seller needs to be educated about up-to-date, local market information and prices. A good real estate agent will review all homes that have sold in your area, compare their selling prices as a percentage of their listing price and use this data to create the perfect selling price. This strategy is key to understanding the average discount in any given area, helping you pick a smarter listing price.  

The percentage of discount should not be a guess, it should be analyzed by real world facts and numbers from properties that are selling and have sold in your area. Understand that if your area is in a hot market, the discounting will be minimal if at all. You could even experience bidding wars, where a home sells for MORE than its listing price. But, at the same time, if you are selling in a cold market you could be disappointed. Keep in mind, you will need to be flexible if you want to sell.  

There are also certain marketing strategies that the top realtors use to sell homes at top dollar prices. Reverse engineering the selling process can be a great strategy. To sell a home, you need a buyer, plain and simple. Where can you find these buyers? There everywhere, online and most likely working with an agent. You need an agent who will prospect your listing to all the buyer’s agents in your area, this way your home is put in front of all the people who are already looking to buy homes.  

When the time comes, negotiations can make or break a sale. Make sure that your real estate agent is a skilled and experienced negotiator. A negotiation should not be a battle, it should be about coming to a decision that both the buyer and seller will be happy about. You want an agent who will get you the most out of your home, but don’t want to lose a potential buyer over insignificant amounts. Talk with agents in your area and see how they feel about negotiations, a top agent will know when to negotiate and how much.  

The most important key to success is to find the right realtor. A good agent will review and compare your homes to others in the area, market your home to every interested buyer and negotiate for you when the time comes. By educating yourself and taking the time to find an experienced realtor you will be able to attract multiple offers and sell your home at asking price or better!   Receive a free copy of the Ultimate Home Sellers Checklist to learn industry secrets on getting homes sold fast  


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