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Am I Burning Bridges or Selling My House?

I have a friend or family member who’s an Agent…what do I do?  

Many of life’s greatest memories are made in our homes; memories that mostly involve friends and family that we love and cherish. Inevitably, as hard as it may be, there may come a time when we have to leave that home and move on with our lives.  Whether it’s moving for a new job, getting a bigger home or a smaller one, the undertaking of selling and buying a house is both a personal and emotional one. From a home, to a house, to an asset, the most important decision you’ll make now is finding the right real estate agent to sell that house!

Who do I choose? How do I choose them? Have I made the best choice? These are all immensely important questions that could mean the difference between thousands, or, tens of thousands of dollars – in, or out of your pocket.

If a person throws a dart into a crowd, they’re bound to hit someone who has a family member or friend who’s in real estate. They may cut a deal for a lower commission or even do it gratis because of your relationship. Statistically, however, sellers who list with a friend/family will not sell their house the first time. They end up listing with an agent they don’t know. It does not matter how many properties the friend has sold, mixing business and personal does not always end well.

What if the friend or family agent can’t sell your house?  Even if it isn’t their fault, it might create bad feelings and strain relationships. Is it worth it? If anyone is upset with you because you listed with someone else, that is unfortunate for them.  You may ask how good of a friend they are if they cannot appreciate your position.

The best thing any seller can do is go over all options and interview multiple agents to increase their odds of getting the most lucrative listing agreement. In the end if it turns out that friend/family is the best choice, great, but with a financial investment as big as a house, you owe it to yourself to have done your due diligence.

How to select a real estate agent

You should not burn any bridges when hiring an unbiased detached professional whose sole purpose is to sell your house. This is business. Your friend, family member, or acquaintance should understand.

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