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Are You Getting Maximum Exposure to Buyers for Your Home?

There is the right way to market a home, then there is the wrong way. Differentiating between the two can be difficult for the average seller. Many sellers, who attempt to sell a home themselves, miss out on attracting buyers because no effective marketing plan had been put in place. The truth is, it’s a difficult task for inexperienced sellers.

Thankfully, experienced real estate agents understand the value of launching successful marketing plans that: get Attention, stimulate Interest, create Desire, and prompt Action. These are the elements that create value for buyers and ultimately sell homes. It’s not unusual for the average seller to make an attempt at marketing their home on their own. However, it is very unusual for the average seller to launch a successful marketing plan. It truly takes an expert to understand and effectively implement the critical elements that attract qualified buyers and make a home sell. A good realtor has created many successful marketing plans over the years and understands the value of each element. The best question you can ask an agent during an interview is what they would do to launch a successful marketing plan for your home. Ask them about plans they have launched in the past and how effective they have been in getting a home to sell.

Marketing Tactics to Sell House Fast
marketing tactics to sell house fast

If your home failed to sell in the past, it could be due to a poor marketing plan. You want to ensure your marketing plan effectively incorporates each of the critical elements that were listed above: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. Doing this right is not an easy task. You are strongly encouraged to use the services of an experienced agent. Unfortunately, many first-time sellers make the mistake of assuming they can sell their home themselves. They don’t think they need an agent. It’s okay to try to sell on your own, it could be worth it if you’re able to sell it quickly and for full market value. But those are the rare cases. Time is money and selling a home yourself can be a huge risk. You may miss out on potential opportunities or experience a dramatic change in market conditions.

Critical Elements of Marketing: Attention Interest Desire Action
Critical Elements of Marketing: Attention Interest Desire Action

If you need a marketing plan or feel your current one is a failure, reach out to an agent who has been certified by AdvantageU – Home Sellers Resources. This is their area of expertise. They can carefully evaluate what was done in the past, its effectiveness and then incorporate a stronger plan that gets your home sold fast.

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