Ready To Sell? Fix These 4 Common Flaws Hiding In Your Home

Ready To Sell? Fix These 4 Common Flaws Hiding In Your Home

We’ve helped to buy and sell enough houses to understand that as a real-life homeowner, your home likely won’t be perfect when we put it on the market. Tiny wall scratches, paint chips, you name it, they’re all marks of a well-loved household.

Some of those minor flaws (like chipped paint or that window that always sticks), might become charmingly familiar to you, but let’s face it if you’re looking to sell, minor flaws can add up to major issues down the road.

Stand out in the market when it’s time to sell; fix these 4 very common household flaws first:


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Window screens will wear, but if yours are fraying or ripped, time to repair or replace them. A buyer will notice broken window glass, mildew, chipped paint, broken hinges so fix them. Windows are a major source of security and efficiency, so proper upkeep plays a critical role in the image of your home. If you, as the seller, refuse to fix it, potential buyers can demand a credit or even be turned off from your home. This can be a major point of contention and can delay the progress of your final sale!

Bathtub and Shower


Everybody’s got their preference! It would be ideal to have both, but that’s not always possible. No matter what you have, it’s important to remember that your bathroom is a sanctuary, and it’s potentially about to be someone else’s! With that in mind, make sure your tub or shower is in excellent condition. Take a good look around. What’s the shape of your caulking? The tile work? The fixtures? Scrub,  freshen the caulk, update old fixtures and anything else that is too outdated – make it spotless. A small investment in new towels and a shower curtain can also make a difference.

Small Closets with Limited Storage


Let’s face it, “tiny, non-functional closet” wouldn’t be a house feature you’d want to highlight. For those who have limited space, get creative! To make your closets look more spacious, remove about half of the contents. You may need to put the excess items into storage or consider hiring a contractor to build or extend your closets. If building out isn’t an option, at least get an estimate for your future buyer’s benefit.



Live in a house long enough and you’ll encounter malfunctioning door hinges, latches, knobs, seal or locks. That may be no big deal to you, but time and time again, it alarms buyers. If it’s an exterior door, buyer’s will view it as a major safety issue and doubt the security of your house. Take the time to look at each and every door & lock, but take note: consistency across all of your hardware is key!

Just remember, in the buyer’s mind, all of these small flaws that aren’t fixed become their problem!

When you’re ready to hit the market, do it the smart way! Team up with a professional real estate agent who has been certified by AdvantageU, let’s sell that house, shall we?


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