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Finding a Great Real Estate Agent is Like Dating…and Here’s Why


You want to sell your house. You’ve heard the alarming facts that only 10% of the agents do 90% of the transactions. Yikes, the odds of finding the right match seem low. You begin searching the web and calling friends and family to find the perfect agent to make it happen.

Welcome: Boastful Bob

A recommendation comes from Aunt Betty. “Bob Smith sold my house in record time back in 2003!” You call Bob Smith and he begins boasting about his career history, how he sells X amount of homes in a year, and you are lucky that you caught him today, because so many people are reaching out to him to sell their homes too.


We encourage you to politely walk away from the “opportunity” to work with Bob. Why you ask? Bob is like that person you meet on a first date who talks about how great they are, and you can’t get a word in edge-wise. Most people wouldn’t take a second date with this person.

finding a real estate agent

This is the mindset you should have when looking for a Real Estate Agent. Please don’t get confused and think we are suggesting you date your real estate agent! We are just saying that having this type of mindset when looking, will help you weed out the bad apples. Now here’s another scenario for you to think about:

Welcome: Sensible Sally

Your co-worker recommends an agent she worked with a few months ago – Sensible Sally. You call Sally and she has a warm and friendly demeanor. She asks how your week has been and says that she’d love to schedule an in-person meeting to talk about what your goals are in selling your house. Sally is like the person you meet on a first date who is really trying to get to know you and asks great questions to make you feel comfortable and at ease.

Finding the real estate agent

Which type of person would you rather date Bob or Sally? Here’s a better question. Who would you rather have selling your home?

Get Matched with certified real estate agents Now that we are through that exercise, we want to provide a quick list of key qualities you should look for when meeting your real estate agent. You will be working closely with them during the process of selling your house, so you want to make sure you have the best agent by your side.

The 8 Success Factors

1. They Listen

2. They Communicate

3. They know the market

4. They have a track record of success

5. They provide references and have a commitment to service excellence

6. They have a proven marketing plan

7. They have unique values that set them apart

8. They have a trusted Power Team (banks, lawyers, inspectors, etc.)


In our next series of blog posts, we are going to dive deep into each one of these factors. Follow the links below to gain access to these posts.

Success Factor #1 – They Listen

Success Factor #2 – They Communicate

Success Factor #3 – They Know the Market

Success Factor #4 – They Have a Track Record of Success

You will learn the value that each of these qualities brings to the table and why it is important for the real estate agent you choose to possess these qualities.

If you are in the market to sell your home, feel free to contact our consumer advocate team on any questions you may have regarding the home selling process. There is no obligation to work with an agent you are matched with. Just ask the questions needed to help you with your home selling needs. It’s that simple! Also, don’t forget to follow AdvantageU® on Facebook and share with friends and family, so they can take advantage of the free resources we offer, like our Ultimate Home Sellers’ Checklist.

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