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How to Choose Tasteful Fall Decorations When You Show your House

It’s time for you to move – maybe your employer is relocating you to a different office – so your current house is for sale and your listing is in place. Now it’s time to show your house. You want your home to be inviting, but Halloween and Thanksgiving are just around the corner and you still want to have some fun with decorations. Will your holiday decor welcome potential buyers to your home, or frighten them away?

No doubt many potential buyers who come to view your home will enjoy the holiday decorations. They may have an easier time imagining themselves living in such a homey environment.

The thing is, the decorations must be tasteful, with universal appeal, and this is where a few homeowners go wrong. Some Halloween decorations are definite no-nos, but you can still have fun with these elegant decor suggestions.

Pumpkins & Harvest Time  

show your house

Decorations that are more about harvest time appeal to a larger audience than Halloween gore – er, galore. Ever since the first Thanksgiving celebration by the Pilgrims in 1621, people have been grateful for the harvest. You can set up pretty displays of the harvest crop, such as pumpkins, butternut squash, indian corn and corn husks, apples, wheat bundles and sprigs. A cornucopia is a timeless tradition along with these decorations.

If you really want your decorations to hint about Halloween, go ahead and carve those pumpkins for your display, then light a candle inside before your home viewings begin. Candles are a lovely touch when you show your home, and they make the whole place smell amazing!

Fresh Flowers

show your house

Fresh decorations like real flowers and pumpkins can make a home stand out above others that are on the market. Just make sure you care for them properly. If guests see a rotting pumpkin on your front porch, they might have second thoughts about your house even before they cross the threshold.  

When potential buyers are searching for their new home, they want to see clean houses. So when it comes to your decorations, make sure they look clean and orderly. Live Thanksgiving decorations will eventually wilt, brown, and rot if they’re not cared for properly. Don’t forget to prune away dead leaves as needed, and when you water, place a basin underneath the plants to prevent dirty water from pooling around the pot.

Beware Of Halloween Decor  

Just remember, many Halloween decorations are designed to scare people, which is the exact opposite of what you want when you show your house. It may be okay to have a Happy Halloween sign out front, just avoid scary clowns, ghosts, and gory creatures.

You’re by no means obligated to decorate for the fall holidays at all. In the end, your visitors are looking to buy the house, not the decorations. Too many autumn-related items may be distracting, so you may be better off keeping things simple. Ask your realtor for suggestions and make an educated decision.

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