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8 Success Factors of a Great Real Estate Agent – #5 They Provide References and Are Committed to Service Excellence

Our previous post, Success Factor #4, we discussed how great real estate agents have a track record of success, as well as the questions to ask an agent to determine that track record. In this post, we will share Success Factor #5 – Agent Provides References and is Committed to Service Excellence.

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Success Factor #5 – Agent Provides References and is Committed to Service Excellence:


When you get a list of references from your agent, it’s important to follow up with the agent to get the details of how they treated these past clients. It’s also important to remember the agent is most likely only sending you the positive references.

So, we recommend checking the web for reviews or testimonials of your agent as well. That way, you see a complete picture of the people they’ve worked with and their experiences.

While the references will likely be all positive, reviews online may be excessively negative—since it’s more common for people to post reviews when they’re dissatisfied or upset. Instead of taking the negative reviews at face value, ask the agent why these clients were upset or dissatisfied. No matter how flat you make a pancake, there are always two sides.  The agent should be able to explain their side of things. If they aren’t willing to get into the details, the negative reviews are likely legitimate.

Some real estate agents may be more concerned with transactions than with service, so it’s important to understand the difference between product selling and service selling. Hint: look for a service-oriented agent.

In product selling, the transaction or “getting the listing” marks the conclusion of the relationship. In service selling, however, getting the listing marks the beginning of the relationship. A service-oriented agent is ready to work together—until your home is sold.

For clues on whether an agent is service oriented, take a close look at their reviews and testimonials. See what people are saying about their availability to answer questions and resolve concerns. And make sure to examine their attitude: are they patient and helpful? Do they seem genuine in their commitment to serve you and help you sell your home? It’s important that you choose an agent who is committed to excellent service, not merely “getting the listing.”

Stay tuned for the next article in our series, Success Factor #6 – They have a proven marketing plan!

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