Understand the Key Parts of a Real Estate Purchasing Contract

A real estate purchase contract, also known as a “contract to purchase real estate” or a “residential purchase agreement,” is a binding, bilateral agreement between two or more parties. The purchase contract...

Ultimate Open House Guide – 3 Steps to Hosting the Perfect Open House

An open house is a scheduled time for the public to check out your home at their leisure. While most buyers who are seriously shopping for a home are working with a real estate agent, a successful open house...

How to Negotiate Top Dollar For Your Home

After all the effort you’ve put into preparing your house for sale and marketing it to potential buyers, you deserve a sigh of relief when an offer comes through. However, for most sellers, the hard part of...

Federal Rate Hike: What does that mean to you?

When the Fed announces it’s raising the federal funds rate, there’s usually a lot of uncertainty and immediate questions from consumers that follow. For example, “Should I be thinking about selling or even...

4 Ways You Can Calculate A Home’s Worth

Your home, or future home, is an important part of your financial plan. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home, or are just curious about your current residence, understanding a home’s worth can impact...

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