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You want to sell your house.

We help you get there smarter, faster and for fair market value.

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    Gauge your need to sell.

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    Calculate your selling expenses.

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    Plan your selling strategy.

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    Determine your home’s fair market value (FMV) and set a price.

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    Advertise and market the home.

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    Prepare and stage the home.

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    Set up showings and open houses.

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    Review purchase offers.

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    Make counteroffers and negotiate.

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    Get through escrow.

Get the Homesellers’ Advantage

Ultimate Homeselling Checklist

The world’s most complete list of how to sell your home quickly and for fair market value.

HELP US customize your HOMESELLING CHECK list.



Do you have personal time to invest in the sale of your home?


Do you want to be hands-on in the sale of your home or do you want a professional to handle everything?


How well do you know current marketing and technology trends?


How much do you think your home is worth?


Have you listed this property before?


The AdvantageU Ultimate Checklist Overview

To see the complete A-Z process for selling your home, click here

Home Buying Guide
Home Buying Roadmap
Ask questions. Ask your local real estate agent or consult other resources, like the profession- als at AdvantageU, for help to understand the home selling process. Put a list together of all the best resources that you’ll need to make it easy to achieve your goals.
Home Buying Roadmap
Decide to rent or sell. Resources may reveal more options you have when selling your home. This checklist will help you to decide whether to rent out or sell your home.
Home Buying Roadmap
Gauge when to sell. This checklist will help you gauge when it’s best to sell your home based on market, finances, and life situations.
Home Buying Roadmap
Just words aren’t enough. Take high resolution, professional-grade pictures that will help sell your home with the eye.
Home Buying Roadmap
Muster feedback. Do everything you can to receive buyer feedback. Create a sign-in sheet to collect contact information. Ask open house visitors, buyers, and agents to make suggestions that could aid in the sale.
Home Buying Roadmap
Professionally appraise. Don’t receive a lowball offer and miss out on the full value of your home.
Home Buying Roadmap
Sort through documents. Mark off which documents you need for a successful home sale.
Home Buying Roadmap
Varify title and escrow. Select an escrow officer, order a title search, & make sure you fulfill the purchase agreement.
Home Buying Roadmap
Yeild to requests for repair. Yielding to the buyer’s request for repair doesn’t mean you can’t negotiate terms.
Home Buying Roadmap
Zip through buyer contingencies. Do everything on your part to finalize all of your buyer’s contingencies.

All Your Answers

All In One Place

What does it take to get your home sold as quickly as possible and for fair market value? Where can you go to find your answers about the home selling and buying process? There must be a way to eliminate the stress, anxiety, and inconvenience of the real estate buying/selling process.

Yes, there is. Your answer is AdvantageU, the Home Sellers Resource, where you can learn, grow, network, and sell. It’s that simple.


Homes not sold within the first 3 months on average drop in price by 10% and as much as 20% after 6 months on the market.


Learn More

homesellers’ Resources PICKED especially for you.

How to sell fast and find the right agent.

market value of home
If you’re preparing to sell your house – maybe your family is expanding and it’s time to start looking for a house with more room! – you need to analyze how you can increase the market value of your home. You first need to create a budget on how much money you can spend on...
show your house
It’s time for you to move – maybe your employer is relocating you to a different office – so your current house is for sale and your listing is in place. Now it’s time to show your house. You want your home to be inviting, but Halloween and Thanksgiving are just around the corner and...
listing agreement
When you’re ready to sell your home, you’ll eventually meet with a real estate agent who’s going to offer you a listing agreement. The listing agreement is a contract that legally binds you to sell with that particular agent for a specified amount of time. Most states offer a standard form that the agent and...
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They provided incredible service! They sold my home in 14 days and saved me $3,514.

— Judy D’Ambrose, Webster NY

They sold my house in 4 days and I was able to pocket an extra $5,713.

— Steve Johnston, Greece NY

They sold our home in 18 days, we saved money and they helped us purchase our new home.

— Mike and Diane Osewalt, Rochester NY

We received a contract for sale in 4 days of signing up and saved $2,250.

— Rick and Suzy Kasper, Rush NY

I was planning to move from NJ to join my family in Atlanta, GA. I’d lived in my home for 20

— Paula, Atlanta GA

I was happy with the advantageU matching service and how much professionalism the agent Bobby s

— John P. Penfield, NY

I used the advantage U matching service, I appreciated the concept and would recommend the free

— Alan H. De Pere, WI

I was happy with the program and I would definitely recommend AdvantageU service. I was able to

— Senarath B. Antelope, CA

I was very pleased with this service. My house was on the market for 50 days with no serious of

— John M. Cedar Rapids, IA

Before using the free AdvantageU service I tried  For Sale By Owner for 1 week because I neede

— Dan B. Grand Rapids, MI

I was happy with Advantage U setting me up with John and I would recommend him to other people

— Robert W. Tallahassee, FL

The service provided to me by Advantage U was good and I am glad they picked out TJ. I was not

— Crystal H. Myrtle Beach, SC

I would recommend Advantage U to friends and family. Once I spoke with Will I knew I would give

— Ondra M. Miramar, FL

Advantage you had very great timing when they called me and I felt I was qualified very well. J

— Fang H. Medford, OR

I was looking at 4 other agents when Advantage U called and matched me with John. We had to mak

— Jack B. Roberts, WI

When we received a phone call from Advantage U we were trying to close on our house on our own.

— Wendell H. Mechanicsville, VA

Advantage U called after I was selling my home FSBO for two weeks and had low offers. After bec

— Matthew K. Charlotte NC

I started to sell my home FSBO and had no one come to any showings. My phone was ringing off th

— Adam P. Mauldin, SC

I started as a FSBO before meeting Joe W. through Advantage U. He convinced me that to really n

— Travis K. Wake Forest , NC

Since we were not in the area we thought we should sell our house. After putting on zillow we s

— Rebecca. Smithville, TX

My name is Marlene and I did speak with the AdvantageU rep Robin and also the realtor Christina

— Marlene S.

Here is where

AdvantageU Homesellers’ Resource can really help.

We are a Consumer Advocate for home sellers. We cut through all the advertising hype and over abundance of agents to identify only the best. We use our extensive knowledge of the real estate market to find, interview and evaluate top agents all across the country.

We don’t use impersonal computer algorithms to find your perfect agent. We have a live seller-support team dedicated to personally understanding your unique needs. Then they develop a list of prequalified, top agents in your area who match your needs and introduce those agents to you! Only the best.

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